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With 55 years experience serving the military, first responders, and the healthcare industry we have domestic facilities and process savvy to help narrow the deadly supply chain gap revealed by the Covid 19 crisis.

Some PPE is better than nothing, right? Can we bridge the gap between  a complete lack of supplies and smarter provisional measures?

We're compiling a knowledge base (coming soon).

Play Smart With Provisional PPE.

Hygentex is a special project under AI Industries.

• We exist to ensure medical personnel and front line workers get the PPE they need to stay safe from the virus. 

• With supply chains dependent on overseas sources- having a domestic factory in our community's backyard closes a life-critical gap.


• We're ready to manufacture for cities, hospitals, distributors, sanitation services- anyone who needs PPE made now.


• We can help you make exactly what you need, according to your specs, at costs that reflect the urgency of this moment. No gouging.

• We can produce 100,000+ units per facility in a typical month.
* (3-6x more possible for products that are less complex, ie. some types of masks)

• Because we're located in Chicago, IL, time from production readiness to delivery is reduced to mere weeks.

• Critical supplies are being sold by middlemen to other countries. 
(see Forbes Magazine). We're ready to provide a safe, direct supply that stays in our communities. We employ local workers, and focus on US needs.


We manufacture a wide range of sewn products, from garments to linens. Whether you need scrubs, gowns, caps, or something else, we can work with your existing specifications or develop patterns across a range of sizes with just a picture or sample. 

Our decades of supplying the most exacting accounts- especially military, healthcare, and police- allow us to draw on an exceptional network of garment industry experts and suppliers- so you can focus on scaling up our medical resources to match the emerging needs of our communities.

We have manufactured for the US Navy, Air Force, NY Metropolitan Transit Authority, NY State Police and more.

Founder, Sam Ives, in our original facility. 

Our Founders In The News

AI Industries

"Mr. Ives' parents, Korean immigrants, began stitching together uniforms in Chicago shortly after arriving here in the '70s. Clients included New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority, bus operator Greyhound Lines and various casino operators. But by the early 1990s, most of those companies had outsourced their manufacturing to Latin America or Asia. Mr. Ives began seeking out military uniform work because by federal law the clothing must be domestically manufactured.


Today, he provides direct labor to a variety of middlemen who fulfill contracts for the Naval and Air Force academies as well as various branches of state and local police. The tasks are highly specialized and must meet exacting quality controls."

Outreach Director

Ann Szalkowski

While volunteering for a workers' advocacy group, an ER nurse related to me that "Going to work feels like I'm being marched to my death."

Each night, he was being forced to take his soiled scrubs home, potentially exposing his wife and children to the Covid 19 virus. I immediately called my colleague, Ariell Ives, owner of AI Industries in Chicago. Without hesitation, Ariell said he's ready to help.


With so many of the supplies we need RIGHT NOW being sourced overseas, domestic manufacturing can shorten the time and distance between front line workers and PPE by weeks. Every piece of PPE we can supply breaks the chain reaction of viral transmission. Every hour we can gain in time-to-delivery multiplies the power of that severed link.

Going forward, we'll need PPE wherever workers interact with patients.

The World Has Changed.

Throughout hospitals, clinics, assisted care facilities and during in-home visits, proper PPE  saves lives.
COVID 19 response demands a new higher standard for protection. Isolation gowns and PPE play a critical role in protecting workers while eliminating opportunities for cross contamination.

Many garments cannot block the transmission of pathogens, even when they appear to block fluids. That's because bacterial and viral "particles" are small enough to penetrate even where liquids cannot.

The solution? Adjusting our situational awareness and developing both gear and strategies to meet evolving conditions. 
Our gown is easy to put on and take off between patients- ensuring maximum staff adherence. It comes in a model that protects the entire neck, stays put inside gloves, and blocks more than just fluid droplets.
We're designing  for performance at a level similar to PPE worn during the Ebola outbreak.
AI Industries' Hygentex special project is developing a high-protection isolation gown that can be used in areas of care facilities where isolation gowns weren't needed before.

Info Resources For Evolving Covid19 Response Strategies

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Real PPE Vs. The Placebo Effect: It's All About The Textiles.
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Production varies according to complexity of design, availability of raw materials*